In 1997 a group of mental health professionals from Kaunas ( B.Baranauskienė, J.Daškevičienė, D.Leskauskas and others) started a 5 year training in child abuse prevention and intervention, organised by Open Society Institute-NY and Children Mental Health Alliance – NY.
     There the idea of creating a center in Kaunas for prevention and treatment of child abuse emerged. 1998-1999 were two years of meeting with officials and foundations, preparing necessary documents, searching for founders, sponsors and facilities, formulating vision and defining activities.
Finally, Secure Child Center was registered in 28.12.1999 as a public non-profit institution at Kaunas City Municipality. The founders of the Center were Open Society Fund-Lithuania (which provided financial support for starting the activities of the Center) and Kaunas County Administration (which provided the facilities up till 2008).
     Currently Secure Child Center has one shareholder – Open Society Fund-Lithuania, and functions independently, supporting itself by providing paid services and participating in various projects. From serving abused children the center has expanded it's services to wider range of clients and now provide psychological counseling for children, adolescents, adults and families.